Concept Illustrator

James Oxford

​​​Film Director

2011                            2nd Unit Director, "Super Eruption," SyfyChannel Original Film

2010                            2nd Unit Director, "Morlocks," Syfy Channel Original Film

2007                            Director "Ghost  Voyage," Syfy Channel Original Film

2006                            2nd Unit Director, "The Lost Colony," Syfy Channel Original Film

​2005                            2nd Unit Director, "Dragon Dynasty," Syfy Channel Original Film

2004                            Directed and Produced, "Smart Card,"

2004                            Directed trailer for Sci-Fi film "Dark Waters"

Video Game Design

2012-2014                  "Titan Fall," Respawn Entertainment

2001                            "Full Spectrum Warrior," Sony Image Works, VP Sony Image Works Tom Hersey

Film Design: Concept Art

2017                             "Aquaman," Warner Brothers, Director James Wan, Costume Designer Kym Barrett

2014-2015                   "Suicide Squad," Warner Brothers, Director David Ayer, Production Designer Oliver Scholl

2013-2014                   "Honor Harrington," Evergreen Films, Development

2012                             "Total Recall," Sony, Director Len Wiseman, Prdduction Designer Patrick Tatopoulos

2011                             "Jack and Jill," Sony, Director Dennis Dugan, Production Designer Perry Blake

2010                             "Zookeeper," Sony, Director Frank Coraci, Production Designer Kirk Petruccelli

2010                             "Just Go With It," Sony, Director Dennis Dugan, Production Designer Perry Blake

2009                             "A Nightmare on Elm Street," Director Samuel Bayer, Costume Design Mari-An Ceo

2009                             "Grown Ups," Director Dennis Dugan, Production Designer Perry Blake

2007                             "Don't Mess With the Zohan," Sony Director Dennis Dugan, Production Designer Perry Blake

​2006                             "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," Sony, Director Dennis Dugan,                                                                              Production Designer Perry Blake

2005                             "I am Legend," Warner Bros., Director Francis Lawrence, Production Designer                                                                   Naomi Shohan

2005                             "Click," Sony, Director Frank Curaci, Production Designer Perry Blake

2004                             "Superman: Red Sun," Warner Bros., Director Brian Singer, Production Designer Guy Diaz

2004                             "Logan's Run," Warner Bros., Director Brian Singer, Production Designer Guy Diaz

2004                             "Elektra," Fox, Director Rob Bowman, Costume Designer Lias Tomczeszyn

2003                             Superman: Flyby," Warner Bros., Production Designer Owen Paterson

2002-2003                   "Pitch Black II: The Chronicle of Riddick," Universal, Director David Twohy,                                                                         Production Designer Holger Gross

2002                             "The Last Samurai," Warner Bros., Director Ed Zwick, Production Designer Lilly Kilvert

2002-2001                  "X-Men II," Fox, Director Brian Singer, Production Designer Guy Diaz

2001                             "Showtime," Warner Bros., Director Tom Dey, Production Designer Jeff Mann

2000                            "Reign of Fire," Disney, Director Rob Bowman, Visual Development Matt Codd

2000                            "Planet of the Apes," Fox, Director Tim Burton, Production Designer Rick Heinrichs

1999                            "The Kid," Disney, Director Jom Turleltaub, Production Designer Garreth Stover

1999                            "Pearl Harbor," Disney, Director Micael Bay, Production Designer Aurthor Max

1999                            "The Patriot," Sony, Director Roland Emmerich, Production Designer Kirk Petruccelli

1998                            "Wild, Wild, West," Warner Bros., Director Barry Sonnenfeld, Production Designer Bo Welsh

1997                            "The Thirteenth Floor," Director Joseph Rusnak, Production Designer Kirk Petruccelli

1997                            "Armageddon," Disney, Director Michael Bay, Production Designer Michael White

1996                            "Amistad," Universal, Director Steven Spielberg, Production Designer Rick Carter

1996                            "The Lost World: Jurassic Park II," Universal, Director Steven Spielberg, Production Designer                                          Rick Carter

Development-Concept Illustrator

2005                           Olympic Opening Ceremony Proposal, Director Ang Lee

1999                           "Rendezvous with Rama," Director David Fincher, Visual Development Sony Image Works

1999-1998                 "Frankenstein," Universal, Industrial Light and Magic

1998                            "XO," Director Steven Spielberg, Production Design Matt Codd

Creature Design

1996                            "Deep Rising," Creature Designer Rob Bottin

1996                            "Mighty Joe Young," Disney, Director Rob Underwood, Creature Designer Rick Baker

1996-1995                  "Men in Black," Universal, Director Barry Sonnenfeld, Creature Design Rick Baker

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